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Dr Philipp C Verpoort

PhD MSc BSc Physics

Energy-systems researcher | Physicist | Sortition expert

I am an academic researcher at the Potsdam-Institute for Climate-Impact Research (PIK), where I work on the sustainable energy transition. My research focus is on hydrogen, industry transformation, e-fuels, and energy-intensive industrial goods (steel, chemicals, etc). My main interest of research lately has been on the "green relocation" of industrial production due to heterogeneity in global supply of renewable energy. I use bottom-up techno-economic analysis and the REMIND Integrated Assessment Model in my work. You can find more details on my PIK profile page.

I am a physicist, mathematician, and computer scientist by training and previously completed my PhD in Physics at the University of Cambridge. While a member of the Theory of Condensed Matter (TCM) group there, I studied various phenomena in deep neural networks as well as low-temperature solid-state systems. More details can be found on my old profile page on the TCM website.

In my extracurricular activities, I promote practices of rational and evidence-based policy making, not least through the use of sortition and deliberation. I am an Associate of the Sortition Foundation, where I currently advise the German parliament on the recruitment process and related statistical aspects for its planned citizens' assemblies.

The latest news

I tried to post regular updates about what I'm up up to on my blog. Here is the latest piece: